Let us all have a fresh start

Hello beautiful people!

I know this is a long post but please take a moment to read it and accept and please share the challenge to see how many of us can complete it! Anyone can participate. YOU WILL THANK YOUR SELF FOR DOING IT! We always have room for improvement to better our selfs not only with our physical appearance but more importantly our mind and soul 😊

If you do accept the challenge and post pictures or updates on some days please use #healthymomchallenge #freshstartchallenge #julyfreshstart #30daychallenge

I have always been fascinated by minimalists. Those are the people that have a lifestyle of owning just the essentials, in other words living your life with only the things you need. But its truly its more than that. It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life. I have been “cleansing” my belongings gradually (especially my closet) in the hopes of learning and adjusting to this type of life style. I always admired people that can pack for 7 days in a carry on and look fabulous and effortless all the time. But material things are not the only things minimalist master to live without, they free their minds more, and live a much stressful life. Minimalism is not external but internal. It helps people find freedom from external clutter, it does not take the next step of helping people find freedom and unity in their heart and soul. I could write days about this and if you are interested for me to tell you more about this leave a comment below. Like I said I am not there yet but have done some research and wish to achieve this goal. I am starting a 30 day challenge in July and would like to invite you my dear readers to try it out with me.

One and only rule is: Do one assignment every day, it does not need to be in order. Don’t skip a day. That’s it.

You can print out here July 2015 Challenge.

July 2015

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4
Mediated for 15 min Stay offline for one day No-complaint day Clean out your closet
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
No electronics at all. NONE Don’t wear makeup Go for a walk alone. Journal for 5-15 minutes Identify your stress triggers Clear our your drawers/junk drawers Plan a local trip
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Be grateful Clean out your makeup collection Clean your makeup brushes Clean up your social media Write down your goals Change your bedtime routine Evaluate your last 3 purchases
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Let go of something. Change your morning routine Write down your priorities   Call a family member Create a reading list Do not eat/drink anything bad today Leave this day unplanned
26 27 28 29 30 31
Reorganize a room NO social media until evening Volunteer for something Call an old friend One thing at a time
  1. Meditate for 15 minutes I have mentioned that I have stated meditation after my car accident. I use the app HeadSpace on my iPhone. It is simple to use and it truly does help. I have been doing it for 5 minutes daily but will need to squeeze and extra 10 minutes and do it for 15. I find it very helpful.
  2. Stay offline for one day On our recent vacation I did not have wifi in our room, I did not want to purchase it so that we did not log online. Many of us spend more time looking down into our phones rather than the world around us. I was offline couple of day. I spent 2 days of 5 minute quick message checking from family at home and just to say we are ok and check on them. Other than that 7 days offline and nothing changed….I mean absolutely nothing. Everything was still the same. You will not miss anything but will rest your eyes and brain from social media drama.
  3. No-Complaint day This day try not to complain at all. Complaining is never productive. Complaining makes our thoughts even more negative which hurts us and the people that are listening to us. It’s a ripple effect. If you find your self complaining simply think of another way to solve the problem or let it go. Ask people that are around you if you are complaining to stop you, sometimes we don’t even know when we are doing it.
  4. Clean out your closets Clean out your wardrobe closet and any other closet you have time to clean J. For your clothes start by picking 10 pieces you absolutely could not be without. Look at it this way, if you had to evacuate your house quickly pick 10 items you absolutely must have and put those aside. Rest of the clothes sort them out and really think about when was the last time you wore them and if you really will wear it. Donate the clothes if you have not worn it in the last year because you simply will not wear it.
  5. No electronics at all Today the challenge is not to have any electronics at all. No tv, no phone or phone camera and no computer. Tell your family that you will not be reachable unless it’s an emergency not to call you. Go out with your spouse and family and do something fun, go to the pool, park, ice cream shop, anything. You do not have take pictures of this either to post online, just simply ENJOY it your self.
  6. Do not wear make up This is totally a challenge for me because of having really bad adult acne skin issues but I will be a trooper and do it J We may discover many of the products we usually plaster on in daily we actually do not need.
  7. Go for a walk alone I do this often and I enjoy it. Take a walk alone, you can do it during lunch or before work even after work if you can find time. You can listen to music but do not browse or talk on your phone. This is to clear your mind.
  8. Journal for 5-15 minutes Writing things down is very therapeutic. I always joke that people that over share personal info on social media should get a journal but in all honesty it is really true. Personal stuff should be kept personal, if you are frustrated, happy or sad you should put the pen to paper and see how much better you will feel afterwards. I highly recommend this five minute journal that has been put together by Alex Ikonn over at FiveMinuteJournal. It is brilliant and easy and you will find a lot of positivity out of it.
  9. Identify your stress Pinpoint your stress. Try taking notes of your stress levels and activities throughout your day, then read the notes and try to think about what you could do to prevent and counteract them in the future. For example, if you are stressed out because of traffic every day simply understand that it is something you can not change unless you can change your route. Instead try to listen to music, jam out to your favorite songs or listen to an audio book. It’s not worth the stress or negative thoughts about something that can not be changed.
  10. Clean out your junk drawers, dresser drawers or any other drawers J Just clean it all out, its called junk drawer for a reason. De-clutter your home and keep only the necessary things. You will find that most of the time we do not even open these drawers, we just do not need or use things out of them. CLEAN THEM OUT.
  11. Plan a local trip Plan an all day trip to a place you usually would not find your self going to. For example if you are not nature lover plan a trip to a state park. I promise you that you will find at least one thing that you enjoy…a view, a waterfall, people watching…
  12. Be grateful Be mindful and appreciate the little things (and big) that are already part of your life. Do not be consumed by social pressure of what you need to have. There are many people that do not even have clean water so I am sure whatever situation you are in is better than some. Be happy, be thankful, and be humble. Write a list of everything or anyone you are grateful for.
  13. Clean out your make up collection Now ladies, we all have those 5 things we probably use daily (foundation, bronzer/blush, eyeliner and mascara…maybe a lipstick or two). Do we really need 500 eye shadows??? Natural is the best. Buy a palate that works for your complexation and eye color, everything else is unnecessary junk.
  14. Clean your make up brushes Your brushes should be cleaned technically after every use but I know none of us really do. I soak then take my brushes into the shower with me once a week and give them a deep clean (hair wash). Its pointless to use expensive makeup and creams for our face and plaster it on with overgrowth of bacteria on our brushes.
  15. Clean up social media How many of you actually know your friends on social media? Be a little more selective on who you follow and who you allow to see your pages and your personal pictures. Do you really need to be friends with friend of a friend, or people you have not seen or spoken to in years?
  16. Write down your goals Do you have any personal goal or family goals you would like to achieve? Write them down, discuss them and actually take action in achieving them.
  17. Change your bedtime routine Change something about your bedtime routine. Prepare your lunch or meals for the next day so morning routine is smoother. Have cup of calming tea before bed, instead of browsing your tablet or your phone listen to relaxing music. Read a book, or read a book to your child. Have a pillow talk with your spouse.
  18. Evaluate your last 3 purchases We are all guilty of mindless spending. Think about your last 3 purchases and think about how useful they turned out to be. Learning to only buy necessary things is the key to living a simpler life.
  19. Let go of something
    Letting go of something is hard, but sometimes holding on to something is even harder. Think about something you are holding on to and then free your self.
  20. Change your morning routine
    Instead of immediately checking your email or social media, meditate workout or journal.
  21. Write down your priorities Write down your priorities in life and evaluate. Take a really close look and see if your priorities are in order, maybe discuss it with your spouse or loved one and you never know some priorities may change for the better.
  22. Call a family member Call a family member that you have not spoken to in a while. Family is very important and talking to a cousin or aunt/uncle you have not spoken to in a while may just be what your soul needs.
  23. Create a reading list Create a reading list even if you are not a reader. Start at least one book and read half way through it before you quits, there is high chance you will continue to read the book and enjoy it.
  24. Do not eat or drink anything bad for a day Today’s challenge is to have a completely clean day. You can not drink anything artificial, you can have water, coffee or tea. No artificial sugar, fast food, eating out or prepackaged. At the end of the day you will realize that today you probably had much more energy and focus than on days you are not eating clean.
  25. Leave this day unplanned For once leave Saturday unplanned. Do not plan anything ahead and just see what the day brings with your family.
  26. Reorganize a room Spruce up a room in your home, maybe your family room or bedroom. De-clutter and rearrange furniture if possible. Sometimes the change is very welcome and creates a more relaxing environment. If most of your surface space is covered evaluate if you really need everything in the room and clear it out, I promise you less is more. Change up the room colors, try to find a color palate that is relaxing for you.
  27. No social media until evening Another great day to be social media free. Today instead of spending time on social media to see what your friends are up to maybe call them (not text) and meet up for coffee, lunch or dinner. Be social in real life. You may not even feel the need to check it at night.
  28. Volunteer With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. The right match can help you find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. Volunteering with your kids is even more fun. Children watch everything you do and I have posted about this before. By giving back to the community, you show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help others.
  29. Call an old friend A lot of us like to communicate through social media and text messages that we have forgotten what our friends sound like. Sometimes you just need to hear your friend’s voice, kind words and a smile. Some time catching up will bring up old memories and leave you both in a good mood.
  30. One thing at a time Our lives are so busy, from the moments our alarm goes off to the moment we go to bed we are constantly multi tasking. I challenge you to practice doing one task at a time. Take a breather. Do not move onto the to the next task or even think about it until the first one is completed. This alone will reduce a great amount of stress.

Things I wish I did differently my first pregnancy

Hello beautiful people!!!

I though I could share with you things I wish I had done and knew differently during my first pregnancy. Some of you may be able to relate and those that have not had kids yet will hopefully take something from this post.

My oldest son is 8, he will be 9 in November. I was 19 when I got pregnant with him. Throughout my teen years I was always on some type of diet, unfortunately even those teen magazines put “skinny pressure” on us early on. I have a very athletic body type. No matter how little I weighed I never looked  skinny and I love that about my self now but I did not back then, so through out high school I always felt the need to diet so I can fit in with the rest of the girls. When I became pregnant shortly after getting married I used that as an excuse to eat whatever I never allowed my self to eat before.

I am 5’8 and my starting weight was 155, the day I went to deliver I was 222 even 😳 That’s 66 pounds, my 8 year old weighs that much now!!!!

I was only 5 month pregnant in that middle picture, and in that December picture above I was one month post partum. I could not recognize myself.At one point these were the pictures I would burry in a deep dark hole and never show it to anyone, but I am proud of the way I look today, I have never felt more comfortable in my body before but it took a lot of hard work and discipline to get there.

1 year after first pregnancy.

2 years after 

During my pregnancy I ate anything and everything all the time and I used my pregnancy as an excuse. I remember eating 4 honeybuns in one sitting. I had acid reflux so bad that I would vomit blood because my esophagus could not handle any more acid. Did I meantion how swollen and how much edema I had?! I went from shoe size 8 to 11 wide. I wish I knew better, I wish I would have nourished my body and my child differently. I was at such high risk for gestational diabetes and thank God I did not get to that. Luckily my son was healthy, but he was 9lb 14 oz and yes I had to have a c-section. I was so upset with my self that five months after having my son I was still 195 pounds. That’s not the worst part, the worst is that I risked gestational diabetes, the extra weight put pressure on my joints and the heartburn was out of this world. I had severe leg cramps even when sleeping. Of course there are risks of complications during delivery, and like I said I ended up with a C-section. I got stretch marks not only in my belly like most people do during pregnancy, I got them all over, back of my legs, arms, thighs…everywhere. I blame my self completely, but I also blame my doctor for not putting more pressure on me and telling me the risks, he would always jokingly tell me “wooooa Maya lay off salt” and that’s it. He never mentioned that an overweight mother is more likely to give birth to a large baby with a greater risk of diabetes and obesity throughout childhood. That would have scared me enough to be more careful. So I am using my self as your PSA…be healthy all the time but be even more careful what you put in your body during the time you are nurturing and growing another human being. “Eating for two” is a LIE, you are eating for your self and a pea size that will slowly grow and get enough from what you eat for ONE. Feed your self with quality not quantity.

It took me a year and a lot of visits to the gym…no really A LOT, to loose the weight I gained. It was torture. I had to retrain my MIND (yes this is the hardest part to train) to learn to eat healthy. Not diet by eating nothing but salads and sandpaper lol but eat clean and nutritional meals. My second pregnancy I was much more educated, and was much more careful. I only gained 29 pounds, and I had no side effects of pregnancy other than the belly to show for it 🙂 I ran in my first trimester, and most of second, then I had to stop because my bladder could not handle it 🙂 There are pleanty of websites, apps and resources that can help you with this. My favorite one that I used a lot was Fit Pregnancy.

December 2014

Please do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with gaining weight during pregnancy. It is ABSOLUTELY normal, but the normal weight to gain is 25-30 pounds. There is nothing wrong with stretchmark’s either. I call them my souvenirs from pregnancy 🙂 Most of us can not avoid them and some of you lovely ladies are blessed to not have them. However, its it important to take care of YOURSELF and the BABY in the best possible way. We may enjoy the junk food at the moment but the reality that hits us later is just not worth the temporary indulgence. There are many delicious meals and desserts that you can eat that are still clean and healthy you just have to put the work in to fix them for your self. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILD.

              The day of my wedding 09/2005                                         My anniversary 09/2013  
                        2006                                       2012                                             2015


Hello beautiful people!

Today I wanted to share my new addiction….MATCHA!

I have been seeing it on Intagram for a while with a few eating healthy accounts I follow but never actually paid much attention to it. Recently a nationally syndicated radio show host was talking about it. He said that he was not a big coffee lover and wanted to steer away from caffeine and stated ordering Matcha at Starbucks. He was ordering it with ice water in a tall cup with 2 scoops of Matcha shaken, and that would cost him 80 cents. Well after he spoke about it on the radio the price went up to $2.69 because of the amount of people that were ordering it. I went to Starbucks that day to test it out. As a matter of fact all of us from work went. LOL It looked very green, but it tasted good, sweet…..and that’s the bad part. Apparently Starbuck Matcha is loaded with sugar as a matter of fact 40grams per serving. WOWZA!

Then I did some research on Matcha.

It originated from Japan. The history and the cultivation of this tea is fascinating but what is matters the most is the amount of antioxidants it has.  It is a fat burner, cancer fighter, increases concentration and boosts energy. See here what BodyBuilding says about it. Here is what I found

  • Is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

I did some research on different brands and I found an organic one on Amazon for $19.99. Sugar free. So when I make the match drink I add a packet of stevia to sweeten it.

I have been using it for 2 weeks. I bough some at my Sprouts Market till this one arrived. If you use any water flavoring like Crystal Lights you can mix it with that if you don’t like the taste of Matcha, but honestly if you ever drank green tea its pretty much the same taste. As you can see on the bag you can use it in smoothies, lattes, baking and many other recipes. I mainly drink it in water but did test it out in my greek yogurt parfait and it was delish. I am still experimenting with different recipes and will post them.

 In two weeks that I have been taking it I definitely have a noticed 3 things. A huge difference in energy. You can ask the people at work, my bff says I am happy and bouncing off the walls ha ha 🙂  Usually I drink coffee in the morning and at 2 PM I am exhausted and go to our work kitchen and start up another pot of coffee. With Matcha I do not do that anymore. I do not crash either after drinking it. The other major difference I noticed (excuse me this is a little TMI but I got to share lol) is my bowl movements are totally regulated, I have been having issues with this for years, since high school. I even went to a GI specialist who told me to take a bunch of different medicine that was still not doing a good job. Lastly, I have had some unexpected issues come up and I have been a little stressed to which my skin decided to have a freaking zit party. With Matcha it has definitely been clearing up. So far I love it and can not find any bad reviews or experience’s on it. Will you try it? Let me know your thoughts if you do 🙂

My Tuesday workout

Tuesday’s workout felt so good, it was 1010 calorie burn good 🙂 It was an hour and 20 minute session in our garage with my husband.

2 mile HIIT. If you are not familiar with what it is here it is. If the speed is too fast for you lower it to your comfort.

2 mile treadmill run

10 Burpees
20 30lb Barbell weight squats
10 Push Ups
30 second wall sit

Repeat 3x

10 Burpees-page0001

30 10 lb weight Russian twists
30 Mountain Climbers
15 Sit Ups
30 10 lb weight plank rows
Repeat 3x


12 Barbell clean and press / overhead press
12 Barbell deadlift
12 Bent over barbell row
12 Barbell good morning
Repeat 3 x (I used 30lb barbell weights)

Barbell Weights

The website for illustrations is http://www.workoutlabs.com  You can create your daily workout sheets for your work outs and print them. And the final result……FELT SO GOOD!


First Watch Restaurant Review

First Watch Restaurant Review

Last week my brother and sister in law met me for brunch at First Watch Restaurant. I have seen this restaurant in our town for about a year, tried to go a few times on the weekend and it was always packed with people waiting outside. Well no wonder! This place is amazing! If you are in Gwinnett you must go, or go to www.firstwatch.com/ for a location near you. They only serve breakfast, brunch and lunch. We went on a weekday and were seated immediately. Here is the picture from their website about the food.

About First Watch

So I was not too hungry and I ordered Fresh Fruit Crepes. They are served with yogurt and fresh fruit. Only 160 cal. for two. They serve it with a muffin which is gluten free and is 360 cal but I split that with my brother 😉 Honestly the crepes alone filled me up. They also serve it with granola which I do not like so did not eat that either. We ordered freshly juiced carrot and apple  juice, it was delish. You could not taste the carrot. They have a huge menu of items, power bowls, healthies options, pancakes, waffles ect. YOU MUST GO TO THIS PLACE!!! TRY IT!



Avocado Pudding

I PROMISE ITS GOOD! I know you hear AVOCADO and think eeww pudding but I promise you it is good. Try it!




  • 1 ripe small or medium avocado
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder (After workout instead of cocoa I use pure protein chocolate whey powder)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup milk or Almond Milk

Blend all ingredients in the blender. Taste it, if it’s not sweet enough for you add more honey. You can eat immediately or refrigerate it.


Nuts or fresh furits.

Motivation Board

I am like most of you, EXHAUSTED when I get home from work. I think its more mentally than physically but whatever that’s the same in my book 🙂
My friend and I decided it would be cool if we created “Motivational” boards to place somewhere where we see it daily after we get home to give us that push to complete our goals.

We printed out pictures that motivate us, our future goals, completed goals/races and I even bought a dry erase calendar that I write my weekly workout schedule in so that way I have no excuse to skip anything. I hung it in the garage in my “mini gym”. What can I say I am a visual person. Note the little person helping me 🙂




Choosing workout shoes

The single most important piece of equipment in virtually any kind of exercise program is the RIGHT pair of shoes. This is very important and is one of the things I believe you get what you pay for. I would not do short cuts or cheaper options on this. The right shoe not only has to be comfortable, it also has to support and conform to the shape and movement of your feet.


If you do a variety of activities, go for a cross trainer. Make sure that you can’t fold the shoe at the middle or twist it like you’re wringing out a towel. If you can, it’s too flexible and won’t provide proper support. My fave cross trainers are Nike Flex Trainer 4 Cross-Trainer. Can be found here or here.



The most important thing to keep in mind for strength-training shoes is that you want to be stable, which means having your heels as close to the floor as possible. Look for a shoe with a lower to minimal heel.

Chuck Taylors. These are one of the most efficient and effective shoes for strength training and my personal favorite. You can find these for as little as $30-50. You can find them on Converse website here or at Target, Marshalls, TjMaxx.


Nike. I am a Nike girl, even though I own a pair of chucks I always seem to go back to my nikes. My favorite are Nike Free TR4 or Nike Womens Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Cross Training Shoes. My sister got me these for my birthday and they are definitely the cutest pair I own lol. You can find them here or here.



Running shoe should flex , making sure it bends and aligns with the foot joints as they move through the running gait. This makes shoes feel lighter and more comfortable.
ASICS GEL-Lyte33 2 Can be found here.

Women’s Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit can be found here.


These are my opinions, shoes that work for me from personal experience. Remember shoes are pricey but you get what you pay for right?! 🙂

til next time Maya

Healthy Eating for Busy Lives 101

So I hear this all the time…I do not have time to cook, or clean eating is expensive. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this I would be living on a private island by now 🙂

Meal prep

Its simple and easy. You will probably spend less money then you do on your regular grocery trip with a full cart frozen dinners and junk food.

1. Sit down grab a pen and paper and plan out your week ahead in meals and what you will cook for each meal.

2. Brainstorm on recipe ideas where you could have one meal today and use leftovers for another tomorrow. Pinterest!!!! Example: Rottiserie chicken and steamed fresh veggies with a cup of brown rice today. Tomorrow left over chicken pulled of bone on fresh spinach, butter lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, roma tomatoes and handful of nuts. It’s all about creativity, stop taking short cuts.

3. When you get home from grocery shopping take an hour of your  day and clean and prep your fruits and veggies for the week. This is a timesaver to morning smoothies and all your other meal prepping. This will save you tremendous amount of time during the week I promise.

  • Clean all your fruits (except bananas) in a sink full of water with 1 cup of vinegar. Soak for about 10 minutes. Water will be dirty fruits will be clean and wax free.
  • If you buy grapes or strawberries, pick the grapes of the vine and clean the strawberries. Put in clear plastic container in fridge.
  • Clean and cut your carrots (I don’t buy baby carrots, I buy big organic carrots, I don’t believe in baby carrots to be real lol)
  • Clean the rest of your veggies and put in clean containers so they will be visible to you when you open your fridge.

4. While you are cleaning your veggies put a couple of cups of rice or quinoa on the stove and cook it, place in fridge when done. You can use this for side dishes in week ahead.

5. Boil a dozen of eggs, boiled eggs can be in the fridge for up to 7 days, these are your easy snack or breakfasts on the go. Make an oatmeal for breakfast and eat your boiled egg for protein 🙂

6. Always have avocado in stock. If you are running short on time and do not know what to make for lunch grab a avocado and a tomato with 2 slices of wheat or Ezekiel bread. At lunch mash the avocado and spread on toast add the sliced tomatoes..oh and that boiled egg you have in fridge grab that too 🙂

7. Clean and marinate your meat before you put it in freezer bags then freeze. The morning before you leave for work just transfer your meat from freezer to fridge it will thaw to fridge temp and sit in that marinate by the time you get home. Grill it, bake it, or prep however you like, grab that rice and fresh veggies and dinner is done 20-30 minutes.

8. Keep your pantry clean and organized and junk free. If you bring junk in the house you will eat it. Do not use your kids for an excuse for buying chips and junk food. Shame on you if you feed your kids that. (I have been attacked by this statement before and I still stand firmly by it, if you think your body deserves healthy food why doesn’t your childs).

9. For salty cravings for you and the family stock up on nuts, that’s as long as your family is nut allergy free. Otherwise visit your health food store like Trader Joes, Kroger (healthy food section), Sprouts, Farmers Market and you will find healthier chips options like Pop Chips and Veggie Straws and other low sodium items. These are of course not 100% healthy but they are better than the “other” options.

10. Stock up on regular oatmeal, organic cereals. Make homade pancakes and freeze for the week ahead for your kids. Involve your kids in the food prep, if they help they will more likely to eat it.


Overnight Oats

Good Morning beautiful people. This mornings breakfast was overnight oats. I make these in many different flavors and the possibilities are endless. Honestly I was not a big fan of oats…something about its texture just did not sit well with me, I did figure out how to fix this problem. I simply put the old fashion rolled oats into my bullet and finely grind them..voila! This step is not necessary if you are ok with regular oat texture.


So for today’s oat recipe these are the ingredients I used.


For this one I used Naked juice but when fruits are in season I blend my own, chia seeds and of course rolled oats. I bought the small jars set of 12 for $7 at Walmart. So this is something I kind of eyeball. I pour Naked juice into the jar 3/4 full. I add 1/4 cup of oat and 2 tablespoons of chia seed and mix it well with a spoon. If the texture is too loose I add another spoon of oat. Remember it will thicken over night in the fridge so it should be a little loose so don’t think you need to make it thick. Cover the lid and put in fridge, eat in the morning. You can make several for few days ahead. I usually make 3 days worth at a time. I ate mine this morning and also had a boiled egg on the side and cup of green tea.