Workout Attire

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there that thinks workout clothes is ridiculously expensive? Brands like Nike, Adidas , New Balance, Under Armour, Lulu Lemon are ridiculous in prices, to get one complete outfit you are looking at up to $200. If you ask me that’s almost a years worth of membership at my little Fitness 19 😐

So I wanted to share with you where I get my gym clothes..on sale of course and super cute. But before I begin there are two items I completely save my money and splurge on and those are shoes and sports bra. The shoes have to be right, comfortable and supportive…I have a Nike addiction and buy tons of these lol. The sports bra’s I absolutely love are VSX Sport by Victoria’s Secret. These babies are so supportive!!! I promise you will not be disappointed in this splurge. They have them on sale during their semi-annual sale so stock up ladies. I have Under Armour, Nike and New Balance sport bras and no one comes close to these.

VSX Sport

The clothes I shop for at Tj.Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy, Target, H&M, Kohls, Acadamy Sports Line, or even Walmart has the cutest Danskin line. I have brand name clothes and store brand name and they are all bought at affordable prices. If I work out 4-5 times a week I should have a lot of options to use througout the week. I believe in bargains.








Check out the prices of Danskin at Walmart.

Washing your clothes is very important. Please don’t wear your clothes over again we can all smell you lol. I find it that cotton shirts are far better absorbent than polyester when it comes to sweating. Cotton absorbs it better so they’re not being released into the environment and we can’t smell them however once moist they do stick to your body which in turn can cause irritation to the skin. Polyester is not very absorbent and doesn’t absorb moisture so definitely wear your polyster clothes once only and wash. Do buy true performance fabrics. Fabrics that are flexible, moisture-wicking, temperature-specific or otherwise engineered will help keep you dry and comfortable as you exercise.

Taking care of your gym clothes…

Hang dry them. If you return home with a pile of sweaty clothes but don’t have time to immediately wash them, make sure you hang your clothes up to dry instead of throwing them in a hamper or leaving them in your gym bag

Soak them completely. Soak them in a vinegar & water mixture. Try one part vinegar and four parts water for about 30 minutes right before washing. You should also toss in a bit of vinegar or baking soda or even lemon juice to the washer water—but remember to not do this if your detergent has bleach in it! I promise this technique is definitely one to do, washing as you do your regular clothes does not take all the stench out and as soon as you start working out your sweat will activate a stale smell.

When washing and drying, set the temperature to the hottest setting the fabric will allow for. This is best for cotton garments that can withstand the heat without being broken down.

Like I said activewear is expensive so take care of it.

Til next time Maya