Roasted Chickpeas 

2 cans of chickpeas drained and dried.

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 1/2  tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

You can add any other spice you like, if you like it spicy add chilly powder or whatever other spices you like.

Toss all ingredients so they are well coated. Pre heat oven to 400. Place chickpeas on baking sheat and bake 40 minutes. Check and turn/stir  chickpeas every 10-15 minutes.

Fitbit Charge HR Review


So I finally bought a Fitbit Charge HR. I have been waiting for the release of the HR one because heart rate monitor is important to me, however when I went to pick it up everyone was sold out!!!! If you only knew what l went through to get this little gadget lol. So far I love it. I have had it for a week and I will definitely tell you it motivates me and makes me realize how much I am moving through out the day. I wear the fitbit to bed as well because it tracks your sleeping patterns. When I wake in the morning it will already show like 250-350 calories burned. I have heard people say “how am I burning calories when I am sleeping”? The calorie value that you see on your fitbit when you wake up in the morning is your estimated calorie burn for the day so far. People do not realize that you still burn calories even if you are sedentary or sleeping. It is estimated  on your age, gender, height, weight and heart rate.

It measures my steps walked throughout the day, mileage, work out and active minutes (active minutes is when your heart rate is in moderate-to-intense activity).  Since I have a mostly desk job it motivates me to get up more and even walk around my little office, or do jumping jacks. Also I have been walking up and down the stairs on my break or lunch so that I can meet my personal goal for the day (which you can set in your app). It made me realize that sometimes I get home and it was a busy day at work and I think that I am exhausted and did enough for the day physically but then I look at it and I barely moved from my desk. So I have been increasing my cardio even if I only have time for only 2 miles I will do a quick HIIT workout and lift some weights to keep my heart rate up.

You can log your food, your water and best part you can buddy up with other people and motivate each other and see each other’s numbers and goals.


If you need motivation and you are a visual person I strongly recommend this little gadget. My company participates in a Humana Vitality program where I can link my fitbit to and I earn points and eventually prizes or gift cards for being active. Check if your company has a similar thing.

Too cold to go to the gym

I am in Georgia and its has been unusually cold for the south lol. We even got a couple of hours of snow that I am sure wont even stick to the ground. But as usual, we freak out over it. I have serious problem getting motivation to leave the to go to the gym, and then worse leave the gym all sweaty and its cold…I know..excuses. However, I do try to workout at least 3o minutes a day no matter what the situation is. I even did it with pneumonia last week and almost killed my self (I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS TO ANYONE).  I have a treadmill at home, if I did not I would pull up some you tube video with a good cardio workout or do a T25. However, I have been loving the HIIT treadmill workout.

2 mile treadmill run

I recommend this video right after your treadmill. If you have weights at home then lifting always takes priority in my book.

What is your favorite at home workout?


Monday Motivation

I know Mondays are rough at work but that is exactly why you need to sweat it out! I believe that workouts are more of a mental push then a physical, once you motivate your mind your body will perform. Summer is right around corner. I am sure many of you have seen that quote “Summer bodies are made in the winter” and guess what..its the truth. So here is you motivation picture (this one always makes me get up of my butt) and a workout to finish up your Monday.


20 Body weight squats
20 body weight walking lunges
30 jumping jacks
30 second plank
20 regular sit ups
30 second wall sit
Repeat 3 times.  


Rogan Josh Curry Chicken Dinner..A taste of India

My brother and sister-in-law introduced me to this super quick tasty dinner. One day I stopped by their house and they were having this for dinner. I do not like the taste of curry so I immediately crinkled my nose, but my brother was insistent I try it…and oh my God, it is delicious.

Rogen JOsh



What you need

1 Jar of Rogan Josh (I found it at Publix)
1 package of chicken breast
1 whole onion chopped
2 cloves of garlic diced
1 pinch of curry seasoning (optional)
pinch of salt and pepper to your liking

Sauté onion, garlic and chicken on a dash of olive oil. Once chicken is browned pour the Rogan Josh over it, simmer on low 15-20 minutes.

Side Dish
I steamed white rice and fresh vegetables. Seasoned with sea salt. (You can season however you like)

Dinner prepped in less then 30 minutes.


We all need a little push sometime….


Having energy to work out sometime is nearly impossible. After a long day at work, long commute home, homework, dinner, and whatever else is on Mommy Duty it is hard to not just crawl into bed and call it a day. So from time to time I turn to Cellucor C4 Pre-Work out. It increases my energy and helps me focus for my workout. I take it 30 minutes before I plan to work out. I get this surge of motivation that makes me crush my workout lol. I always joke with my sister in law about this feeling, I feel like I am going to lift everything in my way ha ha 🙂  I advise that you drink a lot of water on the day that you plan to take the pre work out, I just find it to work better for me. There a many pre work out supplements out there, but if you do you research and read reviews you will see that C4 is truly the best and highest rated on the market. They come in many different flavors. You can find it at your local GNC, Amazon, or Cellucor website.  Let me know if you try it out and if you like it? Also do you use anything?

Preworkout kicks in


Spaghetti…well spaghetti squash

This is good stuff I promise. Once you bake it you can eat it in the same way you would eat any of your favorite spaghetti dishes.

Spaghetti Squash

You can find this of course in your produce department of any grocery store. It is very hard, and its hard to cut through but its worth it.  Here is a video from PopSugar on how to prepare it. If you make it please share it with me on my Facebook.  I make pasta sauce with ground chicken or lean beef and serve it over spaghetti squash and its delish. Show me your creations.


First Watch Restaurant Review

First Watch Restaurant Review

Last week my brother and sister in law met me for brunch at First Watch Restaurant. I have seen this restaurant in our town for about a year, tried to go a few times on the weekend and it was always packed with people waiting outside. Well no wonder! This place is amazing! If you are in Gwinnett you must go, or go to for a location near you. They only serve breakfast, brunch and lunch. We went on a weekday and were seated immediately. Here is the picture from their website about the food.

About First Watch

So I was not too hungry and I ordered Fresh Fruit Crepes. They are served with yogurt and fresh fruit. Only 160 cal. for two. They serve it with a muffin which is gluten free and is 360 cal but I split that with my brother 😉 Honestly the crepes alone filled me up. They also serve it with granola which I do not like so did not eat that either. We ordered freshly juiced carrot and apple  juice, it was delish. You could not taste the carrot. They have a huge menu of items, power bowls, healthies options, pancakes, waffles ect. YOU MUST GO TO THIS PLACE!!! TRY IT!



Breakfast Ideas

FlatOut Egg Sandwich, half a avocado and handful of cherry tomatoes. Drink a cup of green tea.

For the sandwich I use 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. Fry them in non stick pan. Add a slice of mozzarella cheese. Prep time 2-3 minutes 🙂

Breakfast1Flat Out

FlatOut bread, peanut butter, honey and a banana. Cup of green tea.

You can use the long FlatOut Bread or  the sandwich one like in picture above. Spread a spoon of peanut butter, drizzle some honey and add a banana, roll and slice. Drink a cup of green tea.

FlatOutBread Eggado 🙂

2 boiled eggs (one with yolk one without) diced. Half a avocado diced, 1 table-spoon of plain or greek yogurt, salt and pepper. Mix all together. Spread on wrap and roll. You can have berries on the side and cup of green tea.

Egg and avacado

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Berries and Boiled Egg


Oatmeal and Fruits

Stay tuned for more 🙂