Chicken and Beef Spinach Meatballs or Burgers

Chicken and Beef Spinach Meatballs or Burgers


1 whole onion finely chopped or you can chop in food processor

3 garlic cloves minced

1 ¼ cup of Panko plain bread crumbs

1 large egg

1 egg white

Pinch of baking powder (this will keep the meat from shrinking when formed)

1 lb. of Perdue Ground Chicken

1 lb. 96% lean 4% fat Ground Beef

1- 10 oz. package of frozen spinach thawed and drained chopped.

Salt and Pepper to taste (I actually use Mrs. Dash to reduce salt intake)


Mix first six ingredients first, and then add Ground chicken. Mix well. Add drained chopped spinach. Mix. Add beef salt, pepper or Mrs. Dash, mix well. Let stand in fridge for 30 minutes to an hour. Form into balls and sear on a non stick pan on with dash of olive oil then bakes for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

I usually make a home-made pasta sauce that I make from freshly chopped tomatoes and vegetable stock. I serve it with whole wheat pasta for the family and spaghetti squash for me because I love it like that 😉 I also use leftover meat and form patties and sear then bake and serve as hamburgers the next night. See 2 dinners in one prep day.



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